Executive chef Manos Efthimiadis

Creative, team minded and eager to learn, chef Manos Efthimiadis started expressing his interest in the art of cooking at an early age. His mother always prepared delicious dishes, making good use of plentiful spices and herbs, which awoke his curiosity for thhttp://cucina.reach.gr/administrator/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&cid=54#k2TabExtraFieldse culinary arts.

Chef Manos Efthimiadis was born in Caucasus, but his passion for gastronomy and his persistence to constantly evolve took him almost around the world, only to realize that without hard work, nothing comes easy. Ten years ago he decided to move to Thessaloniki in order to follow his dream and one thing is for sure; he took a lot of strength, will, determination and courage with him.

His gastronomic undergoes started with Ettore Botrini’s famous «Botrin’s» restaurant, when he was just a student. His efforts to keep up with the popular Michelin-starred restaurant formed a challenging yet eye-opening experience, during which he crossed paths with his mentor, Konstantinos Svetzouris, who motivated him even further in order to go abroad and widen his horizons. And so it happened.

After spending a summer in his hometown, Kos Island, chef Manos Efthimiadis traveled to New York and joined the team of the Michelin-starred «Oceana» restaurant, in Manhattan, for a year. After that, his passion led him to the Netherlands, where he was introduced firsthand with authentic Italian cuisine, working in an authentic pasta bar. One year later, he was the Chef de partie in «Grand Café Krasnapolsky», located in the iconic 5-star hotel «Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky» in Amsterdam, under the signature of the 3 Michelin-starred chef Jacob Jan Boerma. His journey continued in another 1 Michelin-starred restaurant in Amsterdam, «Sinne», where he practiced mastering the combination of Mediterranean cuisine with Scandinavian & Nordic influences, as a Sous chef.

The road to making a dream come true is not easy, but does pay off. Eight months after he joined «Rijks» in Amsterdam, the restaurant received its first Michelin star, a first ever awarded in a restaurant serving 160 people per night. His final stop in Amsterdam was in the «The White Room», the 1 Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant of «Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky». His culinary trip continued in Hungary, where he worked with Tiago Sabarigo in his 1 Michelin-starred restaurant, before returning to Greece.

His culinary philosophy is a praise to the creative Mediterranean cuisine. Taking seasonality into consideration, he strongly emphasizes the freshness of raw material and highlights the greater use of local produce. While offering a fine dining, yet comfort-based culinary experience, Greek spices, Italian flavor and French techniques are blended graciously. The result is nothing but outstanding, reflecting his cosmopolitan adventures. A remarkable fusion of genuine Mediterranean flavors and international tastes; a true work of art.